Sequence, Structure & Flow Immersion

Be-Yoga Academy Minded Flow Yoga Next Level Teacher Training

Sequence, Structure & Flow ImmersionWith Hands On Assisting

Suryalila, Spain September 2019

Join Be-Yoga teacher trainers Bryony Hamerton and Emma Newlyn for an in-depth training on yoga sequencing, structuring, and creating a sense of flow that makes Yoga accessible to everyone. You’ll learn from experienced teachers and gain the knowledge and confidence needed to be able to teach all levels of ability, and make Yoga accessible and effective for everyone.

Throughout the module, you’ll receive 7 sequences for more energetic morning practices and calming evening classes, and the essential ability to offer each practice to all levels of ability, regardless of age, fitness or Yoga experience. With this knowledge and confidence, you’ll be able to adapt your classes to suit those you’re teaching, and help more Yoga students develop and enjoy their Yoga practice

Intelligence & Wisdom

The Be-Yoga Next Level teacher training gives each student the latest in modern research to equip modern Yoga teachers, whilst maintaining a connection to the essence of Yoga and honouring ancient sacred wisdom.

Special attention is given to connecting vinyasas and the transitions between postures, thus enabling you to offer Yoga in a therapeutic, healthy way, helping your students love their practice and reduce injury rates in class.

Utilising inspiration and techniques from Somatics, research into Fascia, meridian lines, modern functional anatomy, the energetics of Prana, Tejas and Ojas, and much more, each student will learn why it’s so important to create fluidity and adaptability through a Yoga practice. Just as the joints of the body need space and fluid to move effectively, a physical Yoga practice can be far more effective and healthy when awareness is given to the space between each asana.   

Hands On Assisting

Hands on assisting workshops are lead by Amrita Dundes-Deans, a Jivamukti Yoga teacher with thousands of hours of teaching and training, and years of experience assisting and adjusting students and training others to adjust confidently. Her assisting workshops will give you rare and valuable tools to help enhance your teaching, classes and workshops.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Breathwork

The Be-Yoga Minded Flow style of sequencing gathers together wisdom from Yoga therapy and modern mindfulness, enabling each Yoga class to become a powerful tool for both physical and mental health. All course students will experience pranayama techniques and meditations suited to Yoga classes, and learn to teach these effectively.  

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